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don't keep it in
express and manifest
trigger your mental explosives
and mind everything

be upset
be the blade that cuts through to lessen the dullness
say "fuck it" and cross the line
no matter the pain
stay and let your past follow as a ghost
accept and agree with your walls
make a home out of them
with doors to pass through
cry and know it's justified energy
enough to push the wheel to turn the tides

find beautiful, free things and make them priceless
differentiate plagiarism and inspiration and be it
or something- anything
embrace a proud thought
share a farewell to an idle one
welcome a new pace and fear without caution
bare a belief that contains no truth but proves precious

take a few deep breaths
contradict your confusions into an unfocused clarity
and clean it when you've collected any sanity
dress your panic with a skirt for whirling dervishes
dance with it until you've found a rhythm
unchain from your duties
swing freely into an innocent state of adolescence

know that you are not alone with those who, together,
go it alone until they've ventured off
in some form of success
when you're still by yourself
be with the things that you do

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This is my favorite entry in this journal. I think I forgot to breathe while reading it.

Man, where have you been! I miss your words.

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