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 man overboard, over boredom
of clotted foot beds from splintered steps
on lonely boardwalks
i drag with a daring hope to take a stab
aching with the need for a painful extraction
pacing against the pedestrian current
facing the dense fed lack of currency
racing against the sands of time
eroding at the base of my existence
this drowning passion
a desperate measure in fahrenheit
melting these specks and grains into spectacles
and planes of clarity to let open and inhale
the breath that burns the same
as the sliver of wood in my skin i named after her
before the pulling tide used to rise above the time
of blurring hotel skylines
amongst the whitewashed seascapes
amidst the unwatched escape from a following ruin
to wait not though the time is beneath me
below the surf of a darkening vehicle
reasons to test the distance from the fading shore
the best way to feel big
is by measuring how small you can be

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what?! you write way more significant and crucial shit than i do! you are sweet... thanks for reading it

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