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(no subject)
extend an unbearability
parallel to a growing desire
one that builds energy to reciprocate
perpendicular to a rendezvous
colliding to reverberate
the kind where the core shakes
and overwhelms to coronaries

she waits and she holds
and dies in latent forms
to remind she lives for whom it's for
never thought she'd be here
where his waning becomes the ghost
of the thoughts and the touch
and the smell and the firsts
and the falling forces
that reflected off of him
as a dull refraction

he hastes and he holds her
with a dying grip
a squeeze tight to never let go
to compensate for the love he can't show
never thought he'd be here
where her halo becomes the noose
of the soft and the warmth
and the sound and the lasts
and the rising intensity
that stormed off of her
as a sublime gale

or hope for both
for both


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