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(no subject)
swimming between the shades of irresolution
eyes burning like misconstrued hues
amidst the chlorinated colors

why do we feel the need to sink to the bottom
there is no safe haven in the pressures of the deep
only the warm wisdom of unknowns
to thaw cold hearts and heat cold hands
and the sliding blankets of shared romances
that breach our deadening impossibilities

i test my breath
against the reach of the sun
and test my treading legs
against the the time it'll take to set
and wait to measure the pain in a story i'll tell
of the vast nothingness of the sea
and how it cradled only myself
and showed the way everything else counted

to float atop a heartless hull
breaking currents to the flow of a coronary
watch the smoke disperse on exhale
like a wishless genie
imagine the stars above the clouds
serenading the moon with the shapes i conferred
that lights the ghost darling i whisper to
of her warm glow
the beacon to my last breath
before the implosion of our first kiss


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