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this is it and isn't
the predictability in mystery
endless obscurities
that leave the answers
to be questioned
how the maze becomes
the path of the virtuous

the gone has come
they found the dark way in
you can see the scars
they wear for warmth
they asked to me to write of them
to brighten their shame
of devastated love erased
through desperate choices

these bleeding legs
a burning stand of apathy
torch the fields that feed
while the smoke screens the meaning
for the discerning dead to see
and regret the feeling
evaporated are the fading consolations
the truths diluted by assumption
and the blood you sold
to bind us both
how they carry and flutter
like dying moths of summer

the fall will fare
and rain the leaves
to hide what's left to grow
a coat of decaying procrastination
the best dress for
wordless gravestones
made of coals and ash
and worthless goals

then winter waits
to hibernate the fallen hopes
on sickened hearts
of nurtured afflictions
i choke on the clouds
when you fail to speak
the air that i breathe
is the space between your teeth
the same that i see
when your exhale would freeze
a blinding silence of hueless snow

Writer's Block: Money ain’t a thing
If money were no object, what technology big or small would you buy tomorrow?

the District Nine Mothership. and a slinky.

(no subject)
i fell in love
with cold rolled steel
and hot sintra that cooled
the more the sun sunk
and fell not once at all
with lungs only
breaths as deep
as each grinding pass
donned with wax paper jewelry
bearing a fulfilled anticipation
of a fortnight awaited

constraint evaporated from me
with a fleeting grace
gone with every gasp exhaled
i was not meant to contain
the sum of the weight i carried
through the past aching weeks
a choking serpent
that released its bite
when i whispered, "we're here"

those trapped butterflies in stomach
granted me fearless flight
to pirouette the sky
from modified inclines
as steep as my painful smiles
that painted my face with every landing

each cloud cheered me on
as they slowly passed
and i thanked them through the breeze
for being glad enough not to cry
a sanity cured
by a moment thought hopeless
turned to a seamless series
of epic simplicity
formed by comfortable contortions

i left the darkness when i came
i came when i left in darkness

(no subject)
 alone is a home
where you dare not set foot
but tend to see everything
and tend to the senses
you feel are out of place
yet perfectly aligned by your quiet choices
next to the bed you swear
bear the sheets you write your uncertainties
between the blurred lines
to touch the frayed edges with your toes
to see where you stand though you've fallen
to follow the wrinkles with the wrinkles of your white knuckles
to show your might has a path in delicacy
to blanket your solitude in a slow pull
to remind you that warmth is a capable feat
of bitten lips and hidden pains
of serpents coiled in our revealing exhales
free to be breathed by the next passing lung
and absorbed without the underlying understanding
that you've loved by sharing the air
with someone you've wanted without ever knowing
or known without ever wanting
whether pleasures or perversions
unfinished stories that sing desired unknowns

(no subject)
 man overboard, over boredom
of clotted foot beds from splintered steps
on lonely boardwalks
i drag with a daring hope to take a stab
aching with the need for a painful extraction
pacing against the pedestrian current
facing the dense fed lack of currency
racing against the sands of time
eroding at the base of my existence
this drowning passion
a desperate measure in fahrenheit
melting these specks and grains into spectacles
and planes of clarity to let open and inhale
the breath that burns the same
as the sliver of wood in my skin i named after her
before the pulling tide used to rise above the time
of blurring hotel skylines
amongst the whitewashed seascapes
amidst the unwatched escape from a following ruin
to wait not though the time is beneath me
below the surf of a darkening vehicle
reasons to test the distance from the fading shore
the best way to feel big
is by measuring how small you can be

(no subject)
don't keep it in
express and manifest
trigger your mental explosives
and mind everything

be upset
be the blade that cuts through to lessen the dullness
say "fuck it" and cross the line
no matter the pain
stay and let your past follow as a ghost
accept and agree with your walls
make a home out of them
with doors to pass through
cry and know it's justified energy
enough to push the wheel to turn the tides

find beautiful, free things and make them priceless
differentiate plagiarism and inspiration and be it
or something- anything
embrace a proud thought
share a farewell to an idle one
welcome a new pace and fear without caution
bare a belief that contains no truth but proves precious

take a few deep breaths
contradict your confusions into an unfocused clarity
and clean it when you've collected any sanity
dress your panic with a skirt for whirling dervishes
dance with it until you've found a rhythm
unchain from your duties
swing freely into an innocent state of adolescence

know that you are not alone with those who, together,
go it alone until they've ventured off
in some form of success
when you're still by yourself
be with the things that you do

(no subject)
clear your thoughts to smear
as the streaks paint the blurred remains
of a foggy distant memory
of groggy drives with filthy windshields
that suppress ill intentions
recoil and concentrate to commend
but, what
makeshift paper romances
fleeting polar moments
between always and forever
dancing imbalances most memorable
perfect imperfects dressed with treasured flaws
made naked by glorious expectations

how we raised our odds
when we lowered our guards
and the worries that we shared
we crushed into mortar for walls
to keep us from the following
how we showed them the purpose of limbs
with your four minute mile
and my fifty stop hour
how we've sweet talked our way through life
and bitter thought our days to come
and separate new from the day we might call our first

Writer's Block: Chocolate, spice, or anything nice
What is the one simple indulgence you could never live without? Would you consider giving it up permanently for any amount of money?

film/movies. i would give it up for enough money to be able to have a meal with any and every actor, actress, director, photographer, choreographer, and producer that i ever liked.

(no subject)
extend an unbearability
parallel to a growing desire
one that builds energy to reciprocate
perpendicular to a rendezvous
colliding to reverberate
the kind where the core shakes
and overwhelms to coronaries

she waits and she holds
and dies in latent forms
to remind she lives for whom it's for
never thought she'd be here
where his waning becomes the ghost
of the thoughts and the touch
and the smell and the firsts
and the falling forces
that reflected off of him
as a dull refraction

he hastes and he holds her
with a dying grip
a squeeze tight to never let go
to compensate for the love he can't show
never thought he'd be here
where her halo becomes the noose
of the soft and the warmth
and the sound and the lasts
and the rising intensity
that stormed off of her
as a sublime gale

or hope for both
for both

(no subject)
swimming between the shades of irresolution
eyes burning like misconstrued hues
amidst the chlorinated colors

why do we feel the need to sink to the bottom
there is no safe haven in the pressures of the deep
only the warm wisdom of unknowns
to thaw cold hearts and heat cold hands
and the sliding blankets of shared romances
that breach our deadening impossibilities

i test my breath
against the reach of the sun
and test my treading legs
against the the time it'll take to set
and wait to measure the pain in a story i'll tell
of the vast nothingness of the sea
and how it cradled only myself
and showed the way everything else counted

to float atop a heartless hull
breaking currents to the flow of a coronary
watch the smoke disperse on exhale
like a wishless genie
imagine the stars above the clouds
serenading the moon with the shapes i conferred
that lights the ghost darling i whisper to
of her warm glow
the beacon to my last breath
before the implosion of our first kiss


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